For nearly 2,000 years, it was a time-honoured tradition of Chinese emperors to bestow ceramics as diplomatic gifts, often on a lavish scale, to important visitors. Inspired by the tradition, PILINGPALANG has created a collection of exquisite ceramics in a varied product range of container ... < more
Cloisonné is the uniquely Asian technique of decorating metalwork objects by forming intricately cut patterns of compartments into which are filled enamels of various colours. To finish, the pieces are introduced into a firing kiln. Using this unique technique, PILINGPALANG’s cloisonné obj ... < more
Few objects evoke the Orient like lacquerware. Lacquer brings to wooden objects a lustrously smooth, sturdy and silky quality. For its lacquerware range, PILINGPALANG decorates a varied collection of items from Tiffin cases to trays, many with an explosion of colour and pattern mixed with ... < more
The Pilingpalang Paper line of products combines Chinese traditional art & design with modern, vibrant color in a unique collection of greeting cards and wrapping paper. Like all PLPL products, our paper is rooted in Chinese symbolism and executed in vibrant color. Made of high quality ... < more
Deng Bingbing is the founder of two iconic and award-winning China design brands: design studio Bing Design and homeware brand Pilingpalang. Born into... < more
The combination of Chinese tradition with modern, vibrant color has made Bing’s homeware brand Pingpalang a favorite among consumers and decorators. Founded in 2009, Pilingpalang objects are artistic creations, inspired ... < more
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Pilingpalang products may be ordered online and shipped to your destination. Simply email to with the product name and number, and we will get back to you with the final price, including cost of shipping. If you would like our 

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DISCLAIMER: We package our fragile goods so they will be safely delivered, but please note that customers using the delivery option do so at their own risk. Pilingpa ...

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Become a Friend of Pilingpalang, and begin your journey to exclusive promotions & benefits! Register as a Friend of Pilingpalang, and we will keep track of your spending. Once you’ve spent RMB 3,888, you’ll be entitled to join “Bing’s Circle”, our VIP Program, and enjoy two levels of discounts and other membership benefits.

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1930s Shanghai

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  • Pilingpalang's 2014 Calendar

    A Colorful, Creative Celebration of the Horse

    12 Months of Pilingpalang Horses

    RMB 168 

  • pilingpalang Has the Holidays Wrapped Up

    Iconic Patterns on Wrapping Paper & Greeting Cards
    经典印花图案 引领纸品新潮流

If you’ re a retailer, wholesaler, interior designer, hotelier or luxury property owner there are numerous ways to partner with Pilingpalang. We are already in retail shops, design boutiques, museum gift shops and department stores worldwide, and constantly seeking opportunities to broaden our presence further. Hotels and luxury properties use Pilingpalang products in their properties and feature them in their gift shops. To find out about opportunities to partner with Pilingpalang, contact at 


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Pilingpalang welcomes media requests for interviews, product images, photo shoots and product loans. If you’d like to feature Pilingpalang, please contact:

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